Using the Community Access Program (single subject study) to qualify for entry

Completion of at least four first year assessed mode subjects through the Community Access Program (CAP) is one way to demonstrate your likelihood to succeed in a course, if you intend to apply to the University of Melbourne under the Non-school leaver entry pathway.

Please note that you should be completing the final semester of your CAP studies when you lodge a Non-school leaver entry pathway application for your preferred undergraduate course.

About the Community Access Program (CAP)

The University’s Community Access Program (CAP) opens up study opportunities so that everyone has a chance to enrol in single subjects and experience the benefits of expert tuition at the University of Melbourne. CAP subjects are available across a wide range of study areas.

CAP students attend the same classes as degree program students during semester. CAP students intending to apply under the Non-school leaver entry pathway must study their CAP subjects in assessed mode (meaning you must complete all required assessment tasks in order to achieve a result).

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Community Access Program (CAP) results and the Non-school leaver entry pathway

If you enrol in CAP subjects (in assessed mode) to demonstrate your likelihood to succeed in your preferred course and qualify for entry under the Non-school leaver entry pathway, you will be required to:

  • complete a minimum of 50 points (equivalent to four subjects) of CAP (assessed mode) study, and
  • obtain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 75% in order to be eligible to be considered for a place in your preferred course

Using Community Access Program (CAP) subjects to meet prerequisites

It is recommended that you enrol in CAP subjects to meet prerequisites (if applicable – refer to Non-school leaver entry pathway and ensure you meet the course prerequisites) and where possible, then complete at least half of your remaining  CAP study using subjects that are offered as part of your intended degree.

  • See the University Handbook for details about which subjects can be studied as part of your preferred course.

Advanced standing

Students whose basis for admission is the non-school leaver entry pathway and who used Community Access Program (or enabling study) subjects to demonstrate their likelihood to succeed will be able to apply for advanced standing for those subjects. Advanced standing will not be granted for a subject which was used to satisfy a mathematics or science course prerequisite.

More information about the Community Access Program (CAP)

Applications to study single subjects via CAP are submitted directly to the University of Melbourne. For more information about important dates and the CAP application process, please visit the CAP webpage.