Other Special Entry Schemes

Year 11/12 Special Consideration

If you are currently in Year 12 and you have experienced circumstances during Year 11 or 12 (only) that have had an adverse impact on your performance, you can apply for Year 11/12 Special Consideration.

To apply, follow the steps to apply for Access Melbourne (using SEAS categories 2 and/or 4) indicating that the circumstances only occurred during the final two years of secondary school. You should also note in your impact statement any compensation already received from your school to help overcome your circumstances.

The study scores awarded on completion of the VCE represent the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s (VCAA) best available measure of the learning achieved in each subject. Adjustments to ranking will therefore be made only where there is evidence that the circumstances have resulted in the learning achieved in Year 11/12 not being a reliable guide to your potential for success in future studies.

Year 11/12 Special Consideration applications will be considered individually, but in almost all cases the expectation is that such adjustments to ranking will be minor. Eligibility for Year 11/12 Special Consideration alone will not make you eligible for a Melbourne Access Scholarship.

Elite Athletes and Artistic Performers Entry Scheme

The University encourages international, national and state representation in sports and artistic performance and recognises the impact that training and participation may have on the ability to achieve admission into undergraduate and graduate coursework degrees.

This entry scheme provides for additional consideration to be given for entry into degrees at the University of Melbourne by elite athletes and artistic performers who:

Meet the prerequisites of the course; and
Can demonstrate that their training, competition, performance and/or practice commitments have interfered with their previous studies.

Find out more about applying as an elite athlete or artistic performer

Graduate Access Melbourne

The University is committed to providing education opportunities for students from a range of backgrounds.

Graduate Access Melbourne is the University’s special entry and access scheme for graduate study. By submitting a Graduate Access Melbourne application, you can be assured that any circumstances that have affected your tertiary study will be considered when we assess your course application.

Graduate Access Melbourne could help you:

  • Be accepted into the course of your choice
  • Secure a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP)
  • Receive a scholarship or bursary.

Graduate Access Melbourne applications are considered by many of our graduate coursework degrees, including a range of professional entry degrees. You can read more about the program here.